UNO with steroids.

The idea is to get rid of all your cards FIRST. Each player gets eight cards. The player who is the first one to put all his cards on the table is the winner. There are peculiar action cards which can turn everything upside down.

Each turn, a player can put a card with the same color or number or action symbol as the card played previously. The special action cards allow players to:

Miss a turn - next player misses their turn

Change direction - the order of play is reversed

Take 2 - next player draws two cards

Choose a color - can be named as any color, changing the color in play

Take 4 + choose a color - you choose a color, next player picks up four

Swap cards - choose another player and swap cards with them

Change all cards - all hands move round one space in play direction

The Miss a Turn, Change direction, Take 2 and Swap cards are color coded and must be played following a card of the same color, the Choose a color, Take 4 + choose a color and Change all cards actions are color independent.