A stage by stage match 3 game for brainiacs.

Soulstone concept is easy: just remove the bottommost block from any row of  the playfield. It will be your color. Once you have selected a color you have to make a set of three of the same color. When you have made a match-3 your color resets and you can pick a new color.

While the base concept is easy, every stage introduces a new affix (modifier) which makes your life harder. Every stage starts with only one affix, but during your progress more will be added. The last stage is an absolute nightmare, where even at the beginning you have to face against more than one affix. Special blocks and modifiers are the following:

Column Blocker

blockerColumn Blockers are special blocks which block an entire column. You cannot remove a Column Blocker like you would a normal block as it doesn't match any color. Instead you have to remove all the blocks from the blocker's row. Once completed the Column Blocker will be destroyed and you can access the blocks above it in the column.

Toggling Blocker

toggling blockerLike the Column Blocker the Toggling Blocker makes it impossible to remove blocks above it. However unlike the Column Blocker you cannot remove a Toggling Blocker. Fortunately Toggling Blockers are quite shy and will hide themselves after you remove a block. At this point you can remove blocks in the Toggling Blocker's column! But beware the Toggling Blocker will toggle back, so plan ahead to ensure you can reach all the blocks in the Toggling Blocker's column.


wildcardsWildcards are special blocks which can match any of the colors depicted on their face. Once a match-3 is made using a Wildcard you cannot use a second Wildcard for the same color!

Color Lock

color lockWith Color Lock you are not allowed to make match-3's of the same color twice in a row. So once you've removed three reds you must pick a new color. After making a match-3 in a different color, say yellow, you can return to red again.


When Sprouts is enabled your first shot will add a new block of the same color to the top of the current column. For example imagine you have a column with red-red-green. If you remove the bottommost green block a new green block will be added to the top of the column! After you've removed the block, the column will contain green-red-red.

Staggered Locks

color lockWith Staggered Locks a checkerboard-like lattice is placed on the board, preventing you from removing blocks on half the board! Each time you remove a block the checkboards shifts making the previously locked blocks available and locking the previously unlocked blocks.

Row Shift

With Row Shift one of the rows will move horizontally every time you remove a block. Now blocks can change columns!

Double Shot

Why settle for removing one block at a time when you can remove two! With Double Shot every time you shoot you'll fire twice -- removing the bottomost block in your column as well as the one above it!

Column Flipping

When Column Flipping is active the third block you remove will trigger its entire column to flip vertically -- moving the topmost blocks to the bottom and vice versa!

Invisibility (Second Shot Pass Through)

The first block you remove with Second Shot Pass Through triggers the bottommost block in each column to become transparent allowing your second shot to pass through to the one above it!

Countdown Blockers

countdownWith Countdown Blockers a Countdown Block is placed at the bottom of the column every time you remove a block. This special block prevents you from removing blocks in its column for three moves. Remove three more blocks to remove the Countdown Block and regain access to the locked column.