Each player aims to deliver a love letter to the princess with the assistance of collaborators.

First, one card is dealt to each person, and one is discarded face-down from the round (so the process of elimination cannot be used to prove which cards are left) and the rest are deposited face-down into a deck in the middle. During each player's turn, they draw one card from the deck and play either that card, or the card they already had. After processing the effect described on the discarded card, the next player gets a turn. This is repeated until either the deck disappears, in which case the player holding the highest card wins the round (if tied, then the player with the highest total of cards in their discard pile), or until all players but one are eliminated, in which case the remaining player wins the round. The deck (including the discarded card) is shuffled, and play begins again. Once a player wins the game, that player receives a token of affection. The game ends when one player has obtained a predetermined number of tokens of affection.

Card types



Player designates another player and names a type of card. If that player's hand matches the type of card specified, that player is eliminated from the round. However, Guard cannot be named as the type of card.

Priest (Spy)

Player is allowed to see another player's hand.



Player will choose another player and privately compare hands. The player with the lower-strength hand is eliminated from the round.



Player cannot be affected by any other player's card until the next turn.



Player can choose any player (including themselves) to discard their hand and draw a new one. If the discarded card is the Princess, the discarding player is eliminated.



Player trades hands with any other player.



If a player holds both this card and either the King or Prince card, this card must be played immediately.



If a player plays this card for any reason, they are eliminated from the round.

Love Letter game play with Will Wheaton

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